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Our story

It all started with the adoption of Sultan, our first husky from a shelter in 2017. A few months later, we embarked on our road trip to the Nordic countries, and this trip changed our lives. A new horizon opened up to us.

It was after working in different sled dog structures that we took the plunge to realize our dreams and settle in Finnish Lapland.

Bringing together passion, love, complicity and complementarity, O’Nordic was created in 2022. We would like to welcome you in this privileged setting to help you discover this magnificent region.


Passionate about animals, travel and dogs since I was little, I couldn't see myself living without them around me. They were omnipresent. After a winter season in the Alps following our studies in ecology/biology, where Mehdi and I met, I decided to have my first dog, a husky, who would follow me everywhere on my adventures with Mehdi. I only had a brief description of Sultan with the shelter where he stayed for two years without adoption success. Not an easy start, but it was part of the torment of our lives. Eager for adventures, hikes and discoveries, I wanted to find a place to live where I could flourish, with wide open spaces and unspoiled wild nature. We chose to go and discover the world of sled dogs which had attracted me for a long time in Finland and Sweden. After several experiences, as a handler and guide, it is in Finland that we chose to continue our adventures with our Nordic dogs.


A lover of nature and the great outdoors, I followed a master's degree in sustainable development and wildlife conservation in 2015. Eager for travel and adventure, it was during our road trip that I fell madly in love with the countries of the north and Lapland. I finally saw a place I could call HOME. With Mailys, I am training in the world of sled dogs as a doghandler and guide in the different sled dog companies.

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Our doggies

Sultan, adopted from a shelter in France at the age of 5, was our first Alaskan husky. Once we moved to Posio, we continued to acquire other Alaskan huskies, with their stories or from a very young age (like Nimi). It is with us that they continue their adventures and express their joy of living.

The Yakutian laika was after the acquisition of Sultan (an Alaskan husky), the breed we turned to. It is a recent breed, but old in its origin. Coming from a region with an extreme climate (Yakutia), these dogs were used as sled dogs, hunting dogs, reindeer herding dogs, but also as companion dogs.

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